Our sauna is where the people is. A real pub-sauna for max 12 people. Towels and soap is included in the fee. When the cabinet space of restaurant is combined, you have plenty of room for 30 people to have a pleasant evening. Remember the cabinet space is not for rent on Friday and Saturday which are the busy nights.

In sauna department there are 2 fridges full of beverages. Afterwards we charge what’s been consumed – like a giant mini-bar that is. Take notice that the sauna area is a licensed serving area that allows you NOT to bring your own alcohol drinks with you. We charge extra 200€ if we notice that happened.


Online reservation


Daytime from 12-17:00 165€
Evening from 18-23:30 Sun-Thu 220€ and Fri-Sat 330€
Sauna + cabinet 450€ ( only available from Sun – Thu )


If you want food, we provide it through our partners. Check the menus below. Call us on 03 222 5007 and ask for more or e-mail:

Menu Siipiweikot

Hot Chicken Wings

  • 10 pcs 9.00€
  • 16 pcs 12.00€
  • 20 pcs 15.00€
  • 30 pcs 21.00€
  • 40 pcs 27.00€
  • 50 pcs 33.00€
  • 60 pcs 39.00€
  • 100 pcs 60.00€

Sauce varieties: Mild, Medium, Hot, X-Hot ja XX-Hot
Only one variety per order.

Larger quantities by request. Although, 100 pcs is a quantity that can be delivered without difficulties any given time. Portions that differ from the given options can be arranged on a separate agreement.


Fries / Criss cuts  5.00 €

Combo 1 8.00€ (3 x 3)
3 pcs Jalapeno poppers, 3 pcs Onion rings,
3 pcs Mozzarella sticks

Combo 2 13.00€ (3 x 5)
5 pcs Jalapeno poppers, 5 pcs Onion rings,
5 pcs Mozzarella sticks

Combo 3 25.00€ (3 x 10)
10 pcs Jalapeno poppers, 10 pcs Onion rings ,
10 pcs Mozzarella Sticks

Menu Villisika (not available at the moment)

Fish- or Chicken Dishes 18€/pers.

  • Ovenbaked salmon with Bearnaise-sauce or Chicken fillet with Bearnaise-sauce
  • Herb-Potato wedges
  • Grilled vegetables of the season

Casseroles 15€/pers.

  • Vegetable and feta cheese – or salami-, salmon- or chicken casserole
  • Fresh salad
  • Arctic sea salad

Orders from Villisika menu have to be confirmed three days earlier. Minimum order 10pcs / dish.